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Songwriting & Production

2008 to present

In 2008 an album of original songs was released under the St Vitus moniker.

A collaboration with poet and lyricist Jai Patch, the songs were written, recorded and produced by Phillip Hall-Patch utilising chance procedures through the use of “open tunings”; tuning the guitar strings to non-standard notes prevented the use of traditional chord structures and progressions, requiring that every song be written from a tabula-rasa – listening to each chord and searching for the next that often revealed unexpected melodic directions. The songs by themselves may sound conventional, but the range of different styles is testament to the writing and recording process.

Album artwork was produced through the form of Lomography; a culture of photography that rejects composed and contrived image making, favouring instead accidental images, long/ double exposures, cross-processing – focussing attention on the photograph as artefact rather than the representation of the real.


01 Close 2


02 Word Gets Around


03 Seeing Stars


04 Every Promise (remix)


05 Love Won’t Let You


06 Don’t Say I


07 Like Words We


08 Way-heh To Go


09 Fig. A


10 Eyes Tell Stories

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