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Themes include: Art | Sculpture | Architecture | Drawing | Process | Indeterminacy | Time | Decay | Growth | Collaboration | Landscape | Haptic | Hidden-Unknown | Memory | Geometry | Reflection | Movement | Sound | Textual | Video
Art Sculpture Process Indeterminacy Time Decay Haptic

Photography With Sculpture

A fine art practice based research project, 2018.

Photography with Sculpture is a fine-art and practice-based research project, completed toward award...
Art Sculpture Indeterminacy Time Decay Geometry


Salt Field No.3, 2016

Salt blocks (99% sodium chloride) Dimensions: 3m x 3m Elements (Salt Field No.3) - the inaugur...
Art Architecture Indeterminacy Time Decay Collaboration Landscape Hidden-Unknown Memory

Salt Licks

2010 to present

Winner of: - LICC (London International Creatives Competition) for Best Installation, 2013...
Architecture Landscape

The Garden Bridge

2013 to present

In July 2013 Phillip Hall-Patch joined Thomas Heatherwick (designer of the Olympic Cauldron for Lond...
Art Sculpture Indeterminacy Time Decay Growth

Salt | Water

2012 (ongoing)

Sculpture (after Serra) 99% Sodium Chloride (NaCl), 1% other salts Dimensions: 85mm x 85mm x 2...
Art Sculpture Indeterminacy Time Growth Memory


2014 (ongoing)

Various objects/ materials, string, salt (Sodium Chloride) Dimensions: Variable Preserve I &am...
Art Sculpture Indeterminacy Time Decay Growth

Salt Field

HOUSE 2014

Brighton Festival (with Yinka Shonibare MBE) Salt Field; a site specific installation at The Brig...
Architecture Landscape Reflection

The Great Fen | Great Sky Visitor

Centre Competition entry, 2013

With Nicholas Hare Architects A shimmering mirrored disc floating above the flat horizon of the G...